The MJ Hudson Allenbridge Systematic Factor Market Review: A survey of smart and alternative beta strategies for institutional investors is now available.

The Review aims to provide institutional investors with a clear picture of a market that can feel complex and opaque. Since its first edition, this remains the only Review to include coverage of investment bank strategies alongside those offered by asset managers. The report is authored by Antti Suhonen and Brendan Campbell, who both have extensive practical experience of the systematic strategy market.

Alongside insightful analysis drawn from an online survey and face-to-face interviews with key protagonists, the report provides a comprehensive map of a market that is estimated to have reached US$ 1 trillion of assets, held in more than 2,200 strategies.  In addition to covering equity and bond strategies, the review covers other important asset classes and multi-asset strategies, as well as including “alternative” (long-short) beta, alongside the better known “smart” (long-only) beta strategies. The Review also analyses the fee structures of the strategies offered by both investment banks and asset managers, and looks at current investment trends, investor perceptions and topical issues in the market.

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