This report focuses on what we consider to be the key risks from an LP’s perspective particularly given the current market backdrop, with the substantial growth in PE assets, high levels of dry powder and as we near the end of the cheap credit era. We cover five key risks and have included details of a recent operational risk failure.

LPs should be a lot more disciplined in how they ascertain the level of risk present when making and/or monitoring those investments and how to best mitigate those risks.

For GPs, understanding how LPs think about the risks of investing in PE can be helpful. Seeing things from an LP’s perspective can not only provide GPs with useful insights in their decision-making, but it can also help to promote a closer alignment with their LPs.

It is our hope that this report will provide a refresher and will enhance what LPs should be paying closer attention to as they manage their PE investments, determine their future allocations to PE and undertake manager selection exercises.

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