Building a Narrative to Communicate Success

Development of core messaging and a compelling narrative for a private family office looking to raise a number of new funds.

Our Client

Buysse & Partners is a family office with a focus on providing balanced growth across various investment strategies. Buysse invests directly within its network of family businesses in Belgium, an activity that has led to opportunities in Brazil, Chile, Columbia and Peru, as portfolio companies have expanded into South America. The investment office also makes off-market, influencer-led investments, globally.

The Brief

Buysse & Partners was looking to ensure that the marketing materials for the family office and its investment funds accurately reflected the quality of opportunities the team was seeing. In anticipation of increased family office and institutional interest in Buysse & Partners’ funds, it was also felt that the fundraising materials and associated documentation needed some professionalisation.

How We Helped

MJ Hudson spoke with the senior management at Buysse and Partners to establish a set of ‘partnership principles’ – which would serve as brand values across all of Buysse’s investment strategies. The team took great care to ensure that these values were communicatied succinctly across all of the reworked marketing materials. To support the various investment strategies, the MJ Hudson team undertook market and sector research, finding independent data that corroborated the convictions of the investment team and expressed the investment opportunities in a clear and compelling fashion.

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