A Day in the Life of an MJ Hudson Trainee – Arooj Khan

When do you start your day?

I typically come in at around 9:00am, start-up my PC and head off to the kitchen and make use of the Company’s wellbeing initiative to provide a healthy breakfast to all employees.

Every Monday morning we have team meetings, which primarily consist of fee earners sharing their tasks for the week and any upcoming projects that there might be. This is a great way to know what everyone is working on and as a junior if I would like to get involved in a certain transaction, I can ask the relevant fee earner about the project. The meetings often include motivational talks and discussion on current affairs – a great way to start the week!

In-House Training

At MJH we have at least one know-how session every week. These sessions typically include a talk from one of the partner’s on a particular practice area, the important legal documents and how to draft them according to the client’s requirement. These sessions are usually interactive and we get handouts and homework beforehand indicating whom we represent in the training. We also have a number of other training sessions from the other divisions within the Company which allows you to get a breadth of knowledge across the alternative assets sector.

We regularly have sessions on developing soft skills, e.g. how to create your own brand and how to effectively network at an event. These are a great break from work and have helped me boost my confidence and apply the technical knowledge acquired in the sessions when dealing with clients.

We also have junior academy off-sites. These are full day training sessions dedicated to a particular practice area to ensure that juniors are given specific technical skills training on a given subject. It is very interactive and surprisingly fun!

All of these sessions provide invaluable knowledge and help us develop our skills and apply it to the work we do.

How much interaction do you have with senior members of staff?

One of the best things at MJ Hudson is working in an open plan office! This makes it easier to interact with senior members of the team and as a trainee / new joiner it helps to form bonds with the rest of the office. Everyone’s busy, but the open plan office encourages people to work collaboratively. There’s definitely a good buzz about the place.

What type of work are you doing at the moment?

My work load and projects that I get involved in are very varied. Recently I undertook lots of research tasks, so I am now getting involved in writing three guides, which will be published by the Company. These are exciting opportunities, as they allow me to research a particular area of law, hone my writing skills and in the process become an expert in this field. It also helps to promote my name in the industry. I am also currently involved in a fund formation where I am given the responsibility of doing first draft agreements to establish the fund as well as taking ownership of getting the ancillaries completed, such as board minutes and written resolutions prior to the fund close. This is a great practice area to be working in, as it helps me understand alternative investment funds better and provides me with the opportunity to get involved with the project early on.

What is the best part of your job?

Everyone is very encouraging of you and will make a point of explaining a difficult area of law if you are having problems trying to understand a legal document. The more you show you’re willing and able to do things, the more responsibility and work you are given. Enthusiasm and hard work are things which do not go unrecognised.

How do you manage a work/life balance?

As a law student I was a little apprehensive about maintaining a work/life balance as trainee – because of the horror stories I read and from what I saw on Suits! But thanks to our People and Wellbeing team, this is no longer a concern! MJ Hudson make a point of encouraging a healthy work life balance and have a well-established Recharge Plan that has initiatives such as healthy breakfasts, yoga, massage, boot camp, mindfulness, aRRt club, time-out lunches, and more. There is also a strong focus on mental wellbeing with various sessions taking place throughout the year. Participation is heavily encouraged, with time spent on these activities being given a chargeable code to contribute to individual billing targets. It’s a great break away from the desk and an opportunity to interact with other divisions within the Company.